Because they taste really freaking good!


There is more to it than that.  Ever notice, your stomach is stuffed, you don’t really want that next Oreo, but you grab it on your way by the table anyway?  There is a reason for that.


Despite how you feel when your coach is showing you the next set of jumping twisting Cirque de Sole style exercise, your body and brain are good at communicating.  I am sure you have been told eat slow, chew your food, so your body has time to tell your brain it’s full, limiting the chance of over eating. When your body gets the nutrients it needs, it sends a signal to the brain saying its full, which is different than bloated.


Continuously grabbing Oreo after Oreo, results in bloat because your brain receives no signal saying you are full, as you are not getting any nutrients.  Your body still craves the sugar because sugar from nature like fruit, would come with nutrients.  So you would get the sugar, along with other nutrients, and you body would feel satiated.


If you have any health or fitness goals that require you NOT eating an entire package of Oreos (or insert your comfort food here), and you have no self control like the person typing this blog, try this.  


Grab whatever number of Oreos you think is appropriate for yourself (I won’t tell you how many this is, as this needs to be a number you decide yourself), enjoy them, savor them, chase them down with milk if you desire.  Make it a nice experience, so you feel satisfied, then when you finish your last cookie, eat an apple (or other piece of fruit).


Eating the fruit, after the cookies, will provide you with some nutrients, but will also cleanse your palate of the addicting taste of the cookies.  The first time pick a portion size of cookies that will truly make you feel you’ve had enough. This may seem ridiculous, but I would encourage you to pick what you feel is the right amount, then add 2 :).  Start this experiment with extra cookies, because I want you to be completely done with those cookies before you eat the apple.  If you eat the apple, then go back to the cookies the whole thing was pointless.


Remember how many cookies you use the first time.  Next time you decide to have Oreos, repeat the experience but with 1 fewer cookies. Eventually, if you pay attention, you will be able to reduce the number of cookies you consume!

No Oreo cookies were swallowed during the writing of this post!

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